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NeDina Brocks-Capla
Lisa George
Patricia Monroe
Sandra Irish
Julie Owens
Ria Sharpe
Zandra Rucker
Doris Conway
Christyna Conway
Jay Reynolds
Jimmie Williams
Jeanne Wood
Tamara Gant
Cecil Gant
Danielle Morrison
Chyanne Henry
Sean Smiley
Marisa Persad
Edric Dibble
Maria Cephas
Sonya Hickman
Felicia Turnley
Alexandra Turnley

Rain Jarrett
Andrea Hall
JD Washington
Jackie Parsons
Cheryl Holder
Maxwell Chambers
Mark O’Loughi
Priscilla Dames
Perry Johnson
Artie Davenport
Angela Robinson
Bacardi Jackson
DeAnne Graham
Andrea Williams
Lori Peters
Mark Spears
Bernadette Norris
Eric Schroeder
Kerting Baldwin
Joe Burton
Latoya Anderson
Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness

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