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FSCDR is a non-profit organization committed to supporting innovative research for sickle cell disease to help maximize the quality of life for those affected within the South Florida community

Journal of Sickle Cell Disease and Hemoglobinopathies

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Gershwin Blyden, MD, PhD
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The Sickle Cell Care and Research Network

The nation’s first outpatient center in Hollywood, FL, solely devoted to sickle cell disease care and services

The Sickle Cell Care and Research Network (SCCRN) is the nation’s first standalone outpatient center solely dedicated to sickle cell disease care and services. This is historically significant, as the South Florida community has one of the nation’s highest numbers of individuals affected by sickle cell, but not yet had a center specifically made for sickle cell treatment. We are accepting new patients daily and also offer free screenings. Know your sickle cell status!

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